What is a Triple Threat Showroom and Why Should You Care?

In the world of business development, it’s crucial to create a well thought out strategy and plan for everything you do. The decisions you make need to be data-driven and executed with great discipline. These decisions will be beneficial to your business’ success in the long run.

At Bravo Business Media, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of clients in our portfolio. Many of these “newer” clients have consistently outperformed others in the key performance metrics that matter most. These results have one common factor: they are focused on the three ingredients that help them stand out from the rest. We’re sharing this recipe to help you turn into a triple-threat showroom as fast as humanly possible!

Three Ingredients in the Recipe of Becoming a Triple Threat Showroom:

1. Strategic Planning: This allows you to control as much market share as possible, online and offline.

The first “area” of business you must dominate is ensuring your company blankets the first page of Google with local search terms proven to have the highest intent to buy from a searcher.

Our blog, 4 Showroom Tips To Grow In 2021, highlights the four areas that generate the most revenue for businesses like yours through search engines.

2. Displaying Products: Be sure your site is laid out in a digital catalog format and includes quote-making software, such as Bravo Business Media’s SPEX Builder product. This will allow you to track the customer journey from making an initial inquiry to leaving a satisfactory review and even referring friends and family.

Regardless of the number of products hosted or the number of brands displayed, if your site is easy to navigate and your products are easy to find, you’re setting yourself up for massive success.

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In the first half of 2021, the Bravo team has seen steady growth of projects and job quotes among its growing installed base, of over $385M from over 462,000 wish lists on the Bravo Business Media platform.

The demand for low-cost, drag-and-drop independent showrooms in the “API economy” has never been higher. This movement is affecting the way in which major enterprises succeed and make money to thrive in the industry.

3. B2B/B2C eCommerce: The cornerstone of generating revenue and increasing interest in your products, brand, and operational efficiency for your business is centered on eCommerce.

According to Glenda McCarthy, Senior Account Executive at Bravo Business Media and Unilog:

“One of the top attractor factors for an independent business that does not have abundant resources to capitalize on a top-tier eCommerce solution at this moment is that our company understands the A to Zs of what it takes to succeed in this industry far better than some of the alternative options… our user-friendliness and value-add have never been more obvious—plus our newest clients are loving the lifestyle switch they’ve experienced since partnering with us!”

Proven here, our 10-year+ track record of working with companies just like yours has created the #1 product content library in our industry, many who have been recognized locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally as the go-to authority and “gold standard” destination showrooms in their marketplaces.

Conducting Commerce Through The Web Is Here To Stay:

According to Distribution Strategy Group, digital commerce now represents more than 10% of total revenue for half of all wholesale distributors and decorative showrooms with an eCommerce site.

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Those who do not have an eCommerce site but want to find success through the internet channel, should be focused on generating and controlling as much web traffic and revenue as possible from those in your local market who are searching “bath or kitchen showroom near me,” “bath store near me,” “kitchen design center near me,” any of the product categories or brands that you have listed on your website. You can also “show up” for any or all of your competitors on the search engines and perhaps even get their inquirers to reach out to you instead.

If you want to move towards the new age of showrooms, then we’d like to introduce you to the Showroom Marketing team at Bravo Business Media to perform a complimentary analysis of your Google Analytics information or current website design.  Whether you’re an existing client or not at this time, book your appointment today at bravobusinessmedia.com/book.

To higher profits, and beyond we go!