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Emily Fair of Carolina Plumbing Supply

Erin Gronquist of DSKB Plumbing & Tile

John Parks of Parks Decorative Hardware & Plumbing

Bill Feinberg of Allied Kitchen & Bath

Judy Kimble of Gerhard's on SPEX Builder

Naomi Anderson of Central Kitchen & Bath

Michael Kopps of Plumbers Haven

Kevin Walsh of Trinity Kitchen, Bath, & Lighting

Andy Holt of Holt Supply Company

Caitlin Skaggs of Wiseway Supply

Harman Aulakh of HTA Products

Jessica Schussler of Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

Jason Carpenter of J&J Wholesale

Janine Winkelmaier of Best Plumbing

Fred Felder of Simon's Supply

Dolan Baker of Baker Pipe & Supply

Kate Brady of General Plumbing Supply

Jason Craig of Sierra Plumbing

Dan Brezine of Kichler

Jeff MacDowell of Luxury Products Group/IMARK Group

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