Impression-Based Web Visitors VS Direct Response Visitors

Turning browsers into buyers

Impression-Based Web Visitors VS Visitors With A High Intent To Buy: Which Type Of Web Browser Would You Prefer To Attract To Your Website & Online Infrastructure As A Whole?

If you have grown tired of hearing advertising and marketing “gurus” telling you that promoting your business, brand, and products through the internet in 2021 is the top way to grow sales right now, this is true. Next, if you are coming from the school of thought that believes advertising on the internet is a “sham,” or something that won’t bring you “fruitful” results, especially when you compare the online channel to all of the other methods available today, just ask a few peers who continued to advertise over the past 12+ months, and you’ll find that the internet was the only channel that didn’t take a hit, slow down, or even shut down altogether (like tradeshows and in-person networking meetings).

Plus, if you haven’t read the blogs we have published in the past few months, about what you should be focusing on to get the highest return from your company’s business development initiatives, then this will be a wonderful investment of your time. Our team guarantees you will not be disappointed.

Innovators For Change Are Everywhere… Will You Be The Next Success Story?!

Monique’s Bath Showroom in Watertown, MA awarded Luxury Products Group Member of the Year

Michael Battista, President of Monique’s Bath Showroom in Watertown, MA and Luxury Products Group Member of the Year, recently stated, “As challenging as the past year has been we knew that the number one thing we needed to continue and in fact increase was our online marketing efforts. Trade Associations and Buying Groups worked hard to be resources for showrooms like ours during the darkest days of the pandemic and we appreciate those efforts but letting potential customers know that we were open and available to satisfy their decorative plumbing product needs had to be communicated, directly, continually and affordably. Our business development team and website continues to do that for us, with great and repeatable results. The process brings buyers to our Showroom!”

According to Jon Campion, owner of European Kitchen and Bath in Stuart and Vero Beach, Florida, “The Perspective Series on Bravo’s website has quickly become our team’s #1 resource for understanding the how-to steps involved for yielding the highest return on investment when marketing our showrooms.  Since aligning with Bravo for our website and Spex Builder just a few months ago, and then adding in the Paid Marketing Program to the mix, it’s mind-blowing to see how all of the things we have done for so many years was nowhere near as measurable, predictable, scalable, or sustainable as what we’re doing these days.”

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As for you, it doesn’t matter if you’re working with a marketing expert or digital agency to design your Social Media posts or run your Social Media advertising to enhance your findability through Search Engine Optimization or pay-per-click advertising. It also doesn’t matter if you are using more traditional means of getting the word out, like print, TV, radio, or local networking, you must have protocols in place to control exactly who you are targeting with the messaging, what they are seeing and what is coming from those efforts in ROI.

Here Are Some Questions You Should Be Asking Before Taking Action

  1. Where should you be investing to market and advertise your business right now?
  2. What will bring you the highest return on investment in the shortest time frame and help you stand out from the other options available to those looking for what you offer and bring to market in your area?
  3. What technologies will deliver the most measurable data-sets to assure that you are making the most disciplined and insightful decisions which are growing sales?
  4. What are other showrooms doing right now that is successful?
  5. If you’re interested in taking a “deeper dive” to learn more about your available options (with Bravo or beyond), what should you do next?

Our advice to you, before you put a credit card on file and convince yourself and/or your team that the most qualified, high-intent-to-buy web browsers are going to show up on your website and take action, is to get a Website Review Video filmed by our Showroom Marketing Team and also have us create a Market Analysis Report for you, free of charge.

What Are Impression-Based Website Visitors?

If you’ve ever received a phone call or email from some destination you can hardly pronounce, they are likely reaching out to you because they have a formulaic approach for sending eyeballs to your website and online infrastructure at large, that they’re convinced will bring paying customers your way.

However, if you were to ask them about the methods they’ll be using or what you should expect for results and/or be getting for results-reporting-deliverables, well, that is when the sound of crickets may appear because these replies are typically rather vague and underwhelming.  Buyer Beware: not all online marketing initiatives are created equally.

Now, if you do end up deciding to invest in programming from somebody you don’t know or who doesn’t understand our industry, what you should be prepared to receive is lots of low-level marketing metrics and what we call looky-loos “stumbling” across your site.

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This is a screenshot from Google’s Keyword Planner tool that was used to help a client in Ohio understand why “guesstimates” aren’t always the best way to go.  According to Google’s estimate – which is what many of the folks who are soliciting you to work with them, to get your website “more findable,” will use, only 10 people per month, on average, are typing the term, “Bath Showroom” in the Boston area on Google over the past year!

Image shows keyword bids on Google Analytics dashboard

Seeing that we have a client in Boston who has had an active Google Ad campaign for many years, we know first-hand that 10 searchers a month are wildly inaccurate.  The truth of the matter – according to their active campaign, we can confirm that over 3,300 searchers looked for terms associated with “Bath Showroom” in the past 30 days alone.

Image shows dimension of search on Google Analytics dashboard

The most enticing thing about a searcher in this “dimension of search” is that they are looking for a brick-and-mortar location to shop and for a team to assist them with the buying process.  Long story short: until you pay-to-play with Google directly, you’ll never actually know the truth of the numbers.

Not All Website Visitors Are Created Equally

Most of the web browsers that come from impression-based advertising do not have a high intent to purchase. These folks can come from organic searches, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, PR sites, and content creation at large. Another popular method being sold right now is called “geofencing” – which is a form of retargeting for people who were in your area looking for something similar to what you sell.

At the end of the day, wishing, hoping, and praying that the perfect person “stumbles” across your site or online infrastructure and has a ‘coming to Earth moment’ while browsing your message or website, is no longer a best practice or something that will provide world-class results.

Finally, impression-based advertising programs can serve as a wonderful compliment for something a bit more direct and to the point – because not everybody is ready to buy right now… But this doesn’t mean that you cannot source out and find those who are ready to purchase, like yesterday, through the internet channel.

It’s true that “the world is your oyster,” as the saying goes, and we want to ensure that you are ‘winning’ more inquiries and sales through the web and controlling more market-share, online.  Just let us know how we can help and consider it done.  🙂