Creating A “Winning” Business Development Plan For 2021 Starts With These 2 Items… And The Time For Action Is Now!

The Bravo Business Media Showroom marketing team can help you create a winning business development plan

If you’ve read the last two blogs of this Perspective Series, or have been on a quest to find a business development plan for your showroom in 2021, and beyond, you likely understand the fancies behind why they have been two of the most widely read pieces of content Bravo Business Media has ever produced.

January’s blog was about 4 Showroom Marketing Tips To Grow In 2021 and February’s was A 2020 Year In Review + What To Expect In This Post-COVID Economy — because of the impact these pieces have had on lots of our client’s return on business development investment over the past few years, we wanted to be interactive with this month’s piece and include a video that we know you are going to find very helpful.

Creating A “Winning” Business Development Plan For Your Showroom In 2021, And Beyond!


We’ve spoken with many kitchen and bath showrooms in North America and THEY ARE VERY CONCERNED about learning and implementing how-to solutions that will ward-off the big-box stores, corporately owned powerhouses, e-tailers (both national and local players,) and other independent retailers who are outspending them online and controlling more and more of their market share as each day passes.

As mentioned in the video, there are dozens of Bravo clients being proactive about “putting their dukes up” and not just fighting back, but who are winning more inquiries (i.e., phone calls, form fill-outs, wishlist submissions, calendar appointments, and walk-in traffic that is being tracked from customers clicking on their Google Maps page) and market share in the most data-driven, measurable, and systematic ways the industry has ever seen!

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Here Are 2 Elements Of Our Proven Business Development Plan
That You Should Take Advantage Of And Implement Today!


Do you want to control more market share and grow inquires and sales in the most measurable ways at levels you didn’t think were possible? If so, take a look at these helpful resources that we’re willing to create for your company, for free.

These are a few Market Analysis reports for a few clients:

#1 – Holt Supply Market Analysis Report

#2 – Wiseway Supply Market Analysis Report

These are a few Analytics Intelligence videos for a few clients:

#1 – George’s Plumbing Analytics Intelligence Video

#2 – European Kitchen and Bath Analytics Intelligence Video

If you’d like to set-up a time to talk about your company’s business development plan for 2021, or if you have questions about what you’ve seen in this blog, here is John’s calendar to set-up an appointment.

If not you, then who at your company would find it beneficial to connect with John to review your company’s strategy for standing your ground, and then some, in what is currently a very active buying market in the DPH industry right now?

We look forward to sharing in the future of your business development success in 2021, and beyond.