Wholesale Distributors: Grow Your Business with an Online Storefront

With change comes opportunities – especially when that change involves adding an online storefront. A digital sales channel enables you to increase your product offerings, enhance the customer experience, and strengthen your bottom line. Online storefronts are gaining popularity with wholesale distributors because they produce results. According to technology analyst Gartner, Inc., digital commerce mean revenue increased 81% between 2017 and 2021. That’s great news for those with an eCommerce site; but if you’re a wholesale distributor who isn’t selling digitally, that’s all the more reason to make a change.

The catalyst for change in the marketplace began in 2020 when the pandemic forced people to shop online for goods and services. That necessity turned into a preference when both consumers and B2B buyers became accustomed to the convenience online shopping offers. Two years later, the propensity for digital sales channels continues to build. Businesses with an online storefront endured through the market disruption, while “offline” sellers still struggle to meet customer expectations.

If you want to survive and thrive in the marketplace, you need more than just an online presence; you need a customer-centric website with value-added tools and trusted product content – and we can show you how.

Why Create a Digital Storefront for Wholesale Distributors?

Together, eCommerce, content, and shopping tools can increase your market exposure and create additional revenue – both directly and indirectly. It’s true that some customers may still prefer to place orders with your sales associates, but know that they are almost always starting their buying journey on your website.

And, while a digital sales channel offers customers convenient ways to shop and buy your products, it also delivers multiple gains for your wholesale distribution business:

  • Creates operational efficiencies by streamlining the sales process at every touchpoint
  • Empowers inside and outside sales associates with tools and technology to sell more products
  • Promotes your local authority as a specialty wholesale distributor
  • Reduces time to close by simplifying the product selection process
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Convenient, efficient, and customer-centric, a superior online storefront can set you apart from the pack.

What are the critical elements of an Online Storefront for Wholesale Distributors?

A robust digital sales channel gives you an advantage over the competition and, at the same time, strengthens your brick-and-mortar locations. Success comes when you combine these three critical elements into one powerful solution that facilitates more sales and better serves customers:

A website designed for wholesale distributors and B2B buyers

Website platforms are not one-size-fits-all solutions. To support your business needs, you need an eCommerce platform purpose-built for the wholesale and retail segments of the Plumbing, HVAC, PVF, and Industrial Supply industries. Bravo Business Media, together with our business partner, Unilog, offers complete eCommerce websites with critical B2B functionality like a shopping cart, payment gateway, shipping options, and self-service account portal. Tightly integrated with your ERP, our responsive-built websites provide a consistent shopping experience no matter if buyers shop from their laptop or mobile device.

Our platform includes a sophisticated framework with a modern interface that we customize to convey your unique branding, products, and style. Dynamic menus and user-friendly navigation enable buyers to find your products easily and lead them through each step in their customer journey. We combine B2B functionality with a consumer-friendly design to create the ideal online shopping experience for your customers.

An expanded product catalog with rich media and current pricing

Customers expect to see current product information, product images, and key specifications on your website. But curating and maintaining vendor product content on your own is time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Bravo Business Media and Unilog alleviate these challenges by sourcing and maintaining expansive product catalogs specific to your industry.

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We acquire our content directly from the manufacturer and include important product features, high-quality images, as well as resource documents including installation manuals and spec sheets. And, unlike other content providers, we manage pricing from the vendor and apply your company’s business rules to display each product’s prevailing sell price available on your website. We normalize all vendor data across categories to ensure a consistent shopping experience, and update pricing and brand content daily so you know the information listed on your site is always up to date and reliable. Our enriched catalog makes your website a trusted resource for a wider range of buyers.

A product selection tool to build wish lists and quotes

Revolutionize your business – and impress your customers – with an online product selection tool called SPEX Builder. Exclusive to Bravo Business Media, our SPEX Builder tool offers unlimited possibilities and benefits. Customers can build project wish lists by choosing products directly from your catalog, then send that list to your sales staff to create custom quotes in minutes. Unlike typical quote software, SPEX Builder presents project quotes in a professional, custom-branded layout complete with all the information your customer requires, including product images and descriptions, pricing, custom notes, spec sheets, installation manuals, and more.

Flexible and foolproof, SPEX Builder has multiple layout and content options so you can tailor each project to suit your different customers. The final product can be output as a PDF or you can create and share a dynamic web link that allows the customer to provide feedback, adjust their order, or approve the quote. SPEX Builder is the ultimate efficiency tool that attracts more buyers and drives repeat purchases.

Do more with digital selling solutions. Contact our team today to get started on your digital commerce journey.