We All Need Someone to Lean On

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Life as we know it has drastically changed this past month and it appears to have been altered for the foreseeable future. During this pandemic, showrooms and plumbing businesses have had to comply with ever-changing policies, creating uncertainty and unease.

To help ease this uncertainty, Bravo Business Media’s online catalog platform, MyPlumbingShowroom.com, ensures your business is well-represented in the one area that has thrived during these times of isolation: the internet. And one more burden off your shoulders: Our team works directly with the brands you sell to manage all the product data, image, and price updates for you via automatic daily updates. This tool saves you time, allowing you to direct your focus on doing what you do best: customer service. This service, expertise, and knowledge is what sets showrooms apart from big box dot-coms.

Another integrated function, SPEX Builder, cuts out all the manual and time-consuming steps of preparing customer quotes and specifications. This game-changing aspect of Bravo Business Media’s platform allows your customers to build the projects they need, online from the comfort of their own home. In a matter of minutes, your team will have the ability to turn the project into a quote or a presentation style flip book, with the spec sheets included. In a limited contact environment, the ability to email a quote and spec sheets has its advantages!

There are so many features and functions within Bravo’s platform that businesses like yours have relied on to maintain sales consistency, while respecting the constantly-changing environment in which we are now operating.

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Lean on us.

Please contact us to see how the team at Bravo Business Media can alleviate some uncertainty for your business. Best wishes during this challenging time.