“Perfectly Priced Projects” Feature Now Included with SPEX Builder

Endless Options For Trade Pricing Job Quotes, Specification Books, and More…

SPEX Builder, the premium specification solution for independent plumbing, hardware, and lighting distributors and showrooms, has recently expanded the already robust service to provide endless pricing configurations to clients working with multiple trade professionals and project stakeholders.

“The enhancements we’ve made are a direct result of our industry intimacy and firsthand experience in working with our clients’ sales associates to provide extreme flexibility when pricing projects for their customers,” comments Brian Michalovic, Development Director for Bravo Business Media. “Since the roll-out of the expanded pricing options, our clients have reported their extreme excitement and preference for our services over other tools in the market.”

Bravo Business Media continues to expand the SPEX Builder software tools to embrace emerging technology methods, further support the industries served, and position the company’s portfolio for even more development in the coming year.

Client-specific training sessions for Bravo Business Media users and administrators are available for those wishing to explore the endless options available within SPEX Builder. Contact your Bravo Business Media representative, call 800-425-5139, or request support via email at support@bravobusinessmedia.com.