Is Your Plumbing Showroom Making These 5 Mistakes that Cost Millions?

Find Out How to Grow Your Plumbing Showroom in the 21st Century Without Wasting Time and Money.

PDF Download: Is Your Plumbing Showroom Making These 7 Mistakes that Cost Millions?

94% of decorative plumbing & hardware purchases occur in a local store.

Your plumbing showroom should be seeing more sales and more revenue every year. Showrooms face a number of challenges when it comes to closing more sales the most difficult is controlling the buying process.



Letting Customers Control the Sales Process

Ever had to look in the back for a product not out on the showroom floor?

Dig through catalogs to find comparison products?

Or let the customer take catalogs home to speak to their significant other or contractor about your products?

You may have just opened the door for the customer to be talked out of your product, and lost all control of the sales process.