Improving Customer Experience And Regaining Your Local Advantage Has Never Been Easier

When someone calls your business, fills out the contact form or wish list on your website, or walks into your location after clicking directions to your location on Google Maps, wouldn’t it be nice to know how these prospective buyers found you on the internet—in real time?

Well, that’s exactly what many of our clients are choosing to do these days is to start the process of “turning online insights into income” without any upfront investment and eliminating all of the risks. That’s right the team at Bravo Business Media wants to support your company’s efforts for tracking the metrics that matter most and how they’re impacting your business from your company’s Google My Business Page. When a call comes to you from this online channel you will know about it the second the caller hangs up the phone.

If It Cannot Be Measured, It Cannot Be Improved

While the business world is amazed by acquiring all sorts of “big” data, most marketing software and their affiliated results reporting tools look for metrics that don’t provide a business owner with enough ROI producing updates. Well, as you’ve learned, we’re not like most software providers.

After all, Bravo Business Media hasn’t become the #1 platform in North America for helping independent plumbing, hardware, and lighting businesses increase productivity, improve customer experience and regain their local advantage by designing and managing user-focused digital products by accident.

Most businesses receive information about these internet metrics:

– Total website visitors (Rember: The key is to focus on Unique first-time visitors)
– Average time on site and the top pages viewed on your website
– Bounce rate (which is how many visitors DO NOT visit a second page on your website)
– % of mobile users (knowing this is critical for businesses with an unfriendly mobile site)
– Total number of inquiries (phone calls, form fill-outs, live chats, and wish list submissions)

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Perhaps one of the most important on this list is the total number of inquiries, which refers to the number of calls, form fill-outs, and chats initiated from your website and other marketing and advertising channels (some are set-up by design, while others are there by default.)

Above all, are you currently tracking these from your website?

Here’s A Sample Phone Call Notification From An Existing Bravo Business Media Client

Here is what each number means in the call notification image above:

1. What channel did the call come in from (An Organic Search, Pay-Per-Click/PPC, Google My Business – GMB, Social Media, Yelp, Houzz, Print Advertising, an e-Newsletter, etc.)
2. How long was the call?
3. A link to a recording of the call (which can be used for training, quality control, and more).
4. Was it a lead? (Many showrooms denote if a call was for sales or service).
5. The caller’s name
6. The caller’s phone number
7. The caller’s city
8. Which tracking number was used to intercept this call?
9. Where did the searcher find you?
10. Medium means traffic source (organic, PPC, direct, etc.)
11. What keyword did this caller type into Google? (You only know this with Google Ads)
12. What page from your website did the caller make their call from?

By Combining Bravo Business Media’s Content & Catalog Platform and SPEX Builder Presentation Tools, You Have The Best Solution Already In Place To Leverage ROI Reporting And Operational Efficiency Specific To Your Industry!

One of the many benefits of the Bravo Business Media platform is that it allows client access to a dashboard that shows some important metrics about how your marketing information is leading to sales opportunities at your company. Most analytics tools do not include this.

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Here’s an example of what these dashboards look like and how they function:

Unlike many “dashboards” and business development platforms that tend to focus heavily on marketing metrics and overlook what matters most (attributing sales opportunities and revenue from all of your website activity), we’ve taken “having a finger on your financial pulse” to a whole new level.

Having Total Transparency with Inquiries Coming From Your Google My Business Page is Much Easier Than You Think!

If you haven’t yet received an email with a personalized link like this from our Showroom Marketing team, keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks. However, if you’d like to take action on this innovation sooner rather than later, please let us know.

As always, the Bravo Business Media team is here to improve your business results and make life easier.