A Companion Guide For Establishing Roles, Goals, And Performance Benchmarks For Winning More Business And Sales, “On” And “Through,” the Internet

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Attention All Wholesale Plumbing Suppliers, Bath And Kitchen Showrooms, Hardware And Lighting Showrooms, And Design And Build Firms…

After personally having thousands of conversations with marketing and sales teams who work for wholesalers, retailers, and e-tailers over the past decade, one thing is evident: More companies are admitting they DO NOT HAVE the who, what, where, why, and how-tos for earning more and doing less properly identified, or operating in a systematic or gold-standard way at their business.

It’s as if all of the technology available these days has put them in a tailspin. So, whether you’re an owner, C-suite executive, senior or middle manager, or a member of the Client Success Team at your company, A TOP PRIORITY RIGHT NOW in the plumbing, lighting, design-build, and supply chain, in general, is to STOP BEING IRRESPONSIBLE AND INEFFICIENT with how you’re utilizing technology to grow sales and control more market share.

In this companion guide, we will answer the top questions your team should be asking, plus, we will share a few things you should be on the lookout for when it comes to maximizing the mixture of technologies you’ve selected to use for goal-setting, and WHY YOU CAN NOT BE WITHOUT certain functionalities from today on.

Roles & Goals Of Your Company’s Management Team

The people in our industry that have experienced the good, bad, and ugly of what “Corporate America” offers for benefits and lessons is rare. Therefore, the points of reference when it comes to casting a grand vision and following managerial best practices, at a small-to-midsize company, CAN BE limited (but not always) due to a lack of perspective from business models that must get it right, or they’ll be forced to go out of business.

For this reason, and more, we wanted to share an overview of the roles and goals that many of our clients have in their businesses.

Finally, because we’ve worked with and spoken with thousands of businesses that sell and service customers and clients in a similar fashion as your company does, we have learned that no two companies communicate, collaborate, and use technology to achieve ideal outcomes the same way.

The Director Of Marketing

Many times, the Director of Marketing for a company who is looking to work with Bravo or Unilog doesn’t have lots of support from the retail division of their company – if there is one at all. In other words, they’re overseeing the wholesale (the counter business) and retail division (the showroom) at their company – with minimal intellectual or systemic support, which leaves them with limited, “people power,” to get it all done.

This variable alone leaves this individual working, “in the business,” as opposed to, “on the business,” far too often. So, adding a support system for this person to work more effortlessly is especially important because as your market share continues to get ‘gobbled up’ by the bigger brick and mortar players in your service area, online superstores, and other independents, being decisive AND discipline in your decision-making is everything.

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Therefore, innovation and putting best practice solutions in place is the #1 thing you should be doing to stay relevant, win new business, and operate as efficiently as possible.


Here are the Top 3 Benefits that Bravo Business Media and Unilog provide for a person holding the Director of Marketing position that other platforms and software solutions DO NOT:

1) We provide world-class reporting on the daily, weekly and monthly activities happening to and for your business regarding product updates, wishlists and quotes created, and much more.

The reason for this is that WE WANT YOU TO SHOW UP in the boardroom looking, feeling, and acting like a superhero, as you present the items that matter most at the company.

2) Our Client Success Team periodically and systematically reaches out to our clients to learn more about their operational framework and to train their team so that earning more and doing less is their way of life, every day!

3) We are affiliated with or have clients in EVERY buying group and industry association out there. This means that we are, “in the know,” about what’s working now, plus we are able to communicate with our clients in person, by video chat, or via email (or support ticket) at any time.

How To Merge The Director Of Marketing & Director Of Showroom Roles

Director Of Showroom(s)

This person often “climbs the ranks,” and gets rewarded from within their company. Now, although this strategy works great internally and keeps employees motivated and hungry to grow, having profound product knowledge and being able to keep customers calm when a problem appears, isn’t all this job takes to succeed — especially IF moving the showroom side of the business forward is on the Director of Showroom’s list of responsibilities.


Here are the Top 3 Benefits that Bravo Business Media and Unilog provide for a person holding the Director of Showroom(s) position that other platforms and software solutions DO NOT:

1) The training we provide to keep showroom staff updated on THE THINGS THAT WILL MAKE THEIR LIFE EASIER AND THE RESULTS BETTER is the #1 reason why we have been awarded Vendor of the Year, in a few of the spaces and places where we help lots of clients.

2) We have various training modules and lots of helpful content available to support your team troubleshoot most issues that may arise.

3) We have an exclusive partnership with the top firm in our industry for growing sales (online and/or offline), for controlling more market share, and for measuring your results and ROI right down to the dollar.

The team at ShowroomMarketing.com would like to offer you the opportunity to have your website reviewed via video and to show you exactly how many searchers are looking for a showroom like yours, the product categories and brands you carry, and what your competition is doing when it comes to advertising in your market online.

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The insights they will be sharing are very valuable and impactful, and THE TIME IS RIGHT NOW to act in strategic ways! Click here to set up a time with our Showroom Marketing Team.

Webstore Director / Product Data Manager

This is an area where FAR TOO MANY independents are lacking when we compare the resources being invested from some of the bigger players in the game. The reason for this is because the to-do list a public-facing eCommerce website must go through to be fully set up for success is miles long. Not only that, but most eCommerce websites should REALLY know who their ideal buyer is, where they come from, their buying preferences, and much more before they ever launch.

If the intent of your webstore is to convert B2B accounts to take their transactions online (versus walking into the supply house, calling an account manager, or sending an order over by text or email), we have quickly and steadily become the industry’s preeminent solution.

However, if you’d like to capture new B2B revenue and widen your B2C footprint, THERE IS A PROVEN SERIES OF STEPS (which our team can help you execute) THAT YOU SHOULD BE TAKING to goal-get and attain world-class results with.


Here are the Top 3 Benefits that Bravo Business Media and Unilog provide for a person holding the Product Content Manager position that other platforms and software solutions DO NOT:

1) We have a proprietary product feed that fuels our product catalog websites, eCommerce webstore sites, and our Spexbuilder software.

This allows being more visible and findable, attracting new revenue, and putting quotes together to be as easy as 1-2-3! #SuccessOnlineHasNeverBeenSimpler

2) We have a growing, award-winning Client Success Team that is adding FAQs and Should Ask Questions (SAQs) to our platform every day.

So, if you haven’t reached out to our team to get an update on our platform and the many improvements we’re making in time, we strongly suggest you do that soon.  🙂

3) Our team operates under the mantra, “The most flexible companies are winning in today’s economy,” which also means that regardless of where you are at in the process of rolling out your company’s lead generating and ROI-making machine, we’ll be able to match you and take strategic data-driven next steps.

In summary, WE ARE HERE TO HELP EVERYONE IN YOUR COMPANY feel more comfortable with, “what’s next,” as you work tirelessly to roll out a red carpet for those you serve in business. We hope you are trending in the proper direction and will be waiting to see your appointment to connect on this matter, and more in the coming weeks.

To higher profits and beyond we go!