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How We Helped Keidel Supply Get More Qualified Leads and Better Serve More Clients

How can kitchen and bath showrooms use a simple software solution to make selling easier and more effective?

Sometimes the biggest impact on day-to-day business for a kitchen and bath showroom can be made with technology. Using a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) solution to drive more traffic to the showroom, improve sales efficiency, increase quote volume, close sales faster, and create a positive customer experience can be a game-changer. And when a solution like this is implemented, often the showroom can’t imagine how they ran their business without it.


With its showroom in the heart of Cincinnati, Keidel Supply has been Cincinnati’s premier solution for kitchen, bath, and lighting solutions for over 100 years. Keidel’s Showroom Manager, Liz Hanley, has spent much of her career in the kitchen and bath showroom business, and she shared insight on the difference the addition of and SPEX Builder have made for her and her sales team.


  • Lengthy onboarding for new employees
  • Labor intensive and manual quote process frustrated customers
  • Stop “showrooming” in the showroom
  • Generating and tracking leads from online shoppers
  • How to get a 30,000 foot view of all sales-in-progress for her team


Keidel Supply opted for the online catalog platform and SPEX Builder product selection and presentation tool, built by Bravo Business Media.


  • Training on software gets new sales staff on the floor selling quicker
  • Fast and easy quotes using SPEX Builder improves customer service, and moves more customers into the sales ecosystem and pipeline
  • Custom SKUs and masked prices discourage in-store showrooming and encourage salesperson interaction
  • Online Wish List leads are quickly and easily assigned to salespeople
  • Reports help managers see all sales-in-progress for many salespeople at once

When Showroom Manager, Liz Hanley, came on board in July 2019, and the SPEX Builder product selection and presentation tool were already in use at Keidel. She says, “It was easy to get on board. Training-to-floor is quick, and anytime we need training for a new salesperson, Bravo is on it, facilitating it right away.” Onboarding is so easy that on her first day on the sales floor, a new hire independently produced a complete quote for a customer using SPEX Builder.

The expansive and real-time product line database gives the Keidel Supply team access to over 1.3 million products at the click of a mouse. “We carry many lines that other showrooms don’t, which makes us a kitchen and bath planning destination,” Liz says. Even if they don’t have it in stock, through the platform, the team at Keidel Supply has access to all products and specifications in any line they carry.

Before implementing MyPlumbingShowroom and SPEX Builder, obtaining and tracking online leads was a challenge, because Keidel Supply didn’t have the right tools in place to help push browsers into buyers. When a visitor to their website registers and sets up a product Wish List, Liz receives a notification instantly. She says, “I have my sales team work on converting online leads in real-time. When we get a Wish List notification, I assign the lead and the salesperson calls them right away for follow-up. It’s a fantastic lead generator.” In addition to
having it serve as an online catalog and project planner for their website visitors, salespeople use the platform to sell in the showroom. With the online catalog on laptops or tablets, the salesperson can pick up right where the customer left off shopping at home.

Another benefit of that Liz and her team enjoy is the ability to create custom SKUs and exclude pricing. In addition to discouraging “showrooming” and buying elsewhere or online, “it encourages customers to come into the showroom and interact with salespeople, who bring so many benefits to their kitchen and bath planning experience,” she says. And it works! By the time customers have done the work and received great service with Keidel, they are well-settled into the sales ecosystem.

One notable impact and SPEX Builder have had on Keidel Supply’s business has been in the ability to manage in-showroom quotes in greater volume. Liz says, “Before and SPEX Builder, on a busy Saturday we couldn’t generate quotes for everyone who would come through the door. Now, we can. On a recent Saturday, we had over 100 customers come in for quotes and we produced all of them without a hitch.” In addition to moving the needle on sales, there are more happy Keidel customers.

The Reports feature allows Liz to get a 30,000 foot view on her entire team’s pipelines and sales, without having to personally check in with each person. With 16 salespeople, this feature is a big timesaver. Liz says, “ and SPEX Builder make our jobs easier and, most importantly, our customer experience better. We love working with the team at Bravo Business Media.”

Bravo Business Media wishes to thank Liz Hanley and the team at Keidel Supply for sharing their story. Learn more by visiting