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European Kitchen & Bath

Bravo Business Media created a sales-focused, interactive, turnkey website for European Kitchen & Bath

Thanks to our powerful new website, we are more responsive to our customers. We can give them prices and specs instantly instead of emailing them later. Bravo has given us a solid sales tool.


European Kitchen & Bath (EKB) originated in South Florida and initially sold only discontinued Blanco and Franke sinks and faucets. The family-owned company has grown over the years, and it now sells a wide range of current kitchen and bathroom fixtures and accessories in its two 3,000-squarefoot showrooms.

EKB attempted further growth with a traditional marketing campaign that included a digital billboard and newspaper and television ads. However, those advertising channels were not effective.

“People coming into our showrooms didn’t say that they came in because they saw our ads,” said Jon Campion, the owner of EKB. “Even when we had a tracking number in our newspaper ad, nobody called.”

Jon discontinued the print and television ads and instead chose to focus on building EKB a world-class website. He knew this would require overhauling the current EKB website, which took visitors to manufacturers’ websites whenever they searched for and clicked on product listings.

“We were actually directing traffic away from our site,” said Jon. “That wasn’t smart at all.”

Jon decided to turn to Bravo Business Media for help with creating a new website—one that would help EKB better serve customers and capture more sales.

“One of my salespeople mentioned Bravo to me about a year ago,” said Jon. “At the time, I didn’t want to make the investment. Now I wish I had gone with Bravo sooner.”


Bravo Business Media built EKB an entirely new, product-centric showroom website using SPEX Builder, the industry’s most complete and easy-to-use product selection and presentation tool for plumbing showrooms. The new website was designed to engage visitors and enhance their experience during their visit.

“One of the key features is the wishlist,” said Jon. “Now, instead of following a link to the manufacturer’s website, visitors can stay on our website as they search for a product and add it to a wishlist. We can then use that wishlist to help the visitor make the right purchase decisions.”

Thanks to Bravo Business Media’s powerful SPEX Builder, new information is automatically available on EKB’s website when the manufacturers update their selections and prices.

“In the past, we used Excel spreadsheets to keep track of products and their prices when manufacturers released new price books,” said Jon. “Now, Bravo keeps our website up to date as soon as products or prices change.”

The website is also equipped with integrated sales tools that enable Jon’s salesforce to track and measure the behavior of visitors to the website. The salesforce even directs in-store shoppers to the website so that shoppers can create a wishlist. Using that wishlist, the salesforce can create detailed and accurate quotes. Then, Jon can measure how many quotes turn into sales.

“I believe that if you can’t measure it, don’t do it,” said Jon. “The ability to measure traffic and the behavior of the visitors to our website is a gamechanger for us.”


Efficient Use of Marketing Dollars
EKB now has an interactive website that keeps visitors shopping instead of leaving to browse manufacturers’ websites.

Better Email Service
As a part of the website transformation, Bravo Business Media also transitioned all of EKB’s email accounts from its old provider to a Microsoft Outlook email system.

Responsive Customer Service
Jon rates Bravo Business Media’s customer service as excellent. “The Bravo team takes care of any issues right away. They confirm when they receive a service request, and they confirm when they’ve resolved the issue.”