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Carolina Plumbing Supply

Carolina Plumbing Supply exceeds its customers’ expectations by using Bravo Business Media website services and SPEX Builder.


For more than twenty-five years, Carolina Plumbing Supply has provided the highest quality plumbing products and services to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers throughout Raleigh, North Carolina.

Its employees pride themselves on focusing on the customer first, but “to meet our customers’ expectations, we needed to improve our website,” said Emily Fair, Showroom Manager. “Our website was set up in such a way that when customers wanted to shop for a fixture, they clicked a link that took them away from our website. That was confusing.”

Emily had to find a way to keep customers shopping on the company’s website. Because shoppers who browsed the company’s website are typically the fixtures’ end users, the website needed to present products clearly so that the shoppers could quickly reference them.

Additionally, Emily wanted the ability to assist sales representatives at all eleven Carolina Plumbing Supply branches with their sales efforts. “I knew that it would be fantastic if our team could show customers products and create a virtual picture book to help those customers make an informed decision.”

Having had an underperforming website and using specification-building tools that didn’t fit all of the company’s needs, Emily searched for a better solution. That search led her to Bravo Business Media.


Carolina Plumbing Supply’s new product centric website and the use of SPEX Builder helps both customers and employees alike.


The team at Bravo Business Media recommended that Emily utilize its eCommerce website design services and SPEX Builder, a simple-to-use tool meant to aid buyers in making quick and accurate product decisions.

Additionally, Bravo Business Media created a product-centric website for Carolina Plumbing Supply that delivers an online shopping experience that customers appreciate. Now when end users visit the website, they are presented with inventory and product information, including images, descriptions, colors and finishes, pricing, availability, and product specifications. Armed with that information, they can make informed purchasing decisions.

Also, Emily and her team now use SPEX Builder to create product selection and presentation documents. “SPEX Builder is wonderful,” said Emily. “We no longer have to deal with products not being available because it’s always up to date. SPEX Builder is a wonderful asset.”


Improved Ability to Reach Customers
Carolina Plumbing Supply’s new website now helps serve customers at its branches where the company doesn’t have a showroom.

Increased End-User Engagement
“We’ve definitely seen an upswing in customers searching for products on our new website,” said Emily.

Enhanced Efficiency
“Creating the website and using SPEX Builder has been a seamless
experience that has enhanced our efficiency,” said Emily. “We can do so much more in less time.”

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