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Canma Sales Agency

Canma Sales Agency quickly assembles highly professional product specification sheets with SPEX Builder.


Based in Canada, Canma Sales Agency focuses on promoting quality plumbing and heating products from a select group of leading manufacturers. To showcase these products and sell to the residential construction sector, a Canma Sales Agency representative provides potential specification sheets for developers who work with designers.

Once the designers have a good idea of what fixtures they want in the homes they’re constructing, they contact Canma Sales Agency to decide if they will go with the products in the preliminary specification sheet or select a different project for the home.


“The situation we were dealing with was that our method of producing specification sheets was entirely manual,” said owner Sebastien Des Rosiers.  “I would have to copy product descriptions and pricing information from the Internet and paste that into Excel or PowerPoint. Because I had to do this for every designer’s desired item, it could take me an entire day to build.” Sebastien knew he needed to improve the efficiency of his operations. That’s when he turned to Bravo Business Media.


Bravo Business Media recommended that Canma Sales Agency adopt SPEX Builder, a simple-to-use tool meant to aid buyers in making quick and accurate product decisions. This core function assists businesses like Canma Sales Agency with creating professional-looking product brochures and quotes.

“With SPEX Builder, all product descriptions and pricing are right at our fingertips,” said Sebastien. “All we need to do is select a product from Bravo Business Media’s online catalog. And, with a click, we can add that
product with all of the related information to the specification sheet we are building.” One of the significant benefits of using SPEX Builder is that the major distributors Canma Sales Agency represent also use Bravo Business Media’s solutions.

“Because our system can speak to the distrubutors’ systems, when we build a quotation in SPEX Builder, we can simply transmit it to the wholesaler who will supply the builder,” said Sebastien. “It makes the entire
process a lot easier.”


Maximized Efficiency
Sebastien and his team save hours of preparation each day. What used to take an entire day now takes only a few minutes.

Presentation Consistency
SPEX Builder provides high definition imagery and standardized product descriptions so that each specification sheet is complete and up to date.

Professional-Looking Specification Sheets
The clean and informative design promotes professionalism because the layout of specification sheets is automatically created in SPEX Builder.

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