Bring Your Showroom to Life with an Online 3D Virtual Showroom Tour

Do you wish you could create a more immersive online browsing experience for your site visitors? The reality is you can with a 3D Virtual Showroom Tour by Bravo Business Media. We’ve partnered with Matterport, the premier technology provider of interactive 3D virtual reality tours, to give our web platform customers an exciting way to show off their showroom and their products online.

Our 3D Virtual Showroom Tour starts with an interior floorplan layout of your showroom, then zooms into an interactive showroom view which visitors can “walk through” by clicking on the panoramic visuals. Subtle circles on the showroom floor help guide visitors through each section of your store, and visual tags placed on products within the tour link to specific product pages on your website where they can learn more about the product.

A 3D Virtual Showroom Tour by Bravo Business Media provides the ultimate window shopping experience that motivates online shoppers to visit your physical showroom and complete their kitchen and bath fixtures purchase.

How does an Online 3D Virtual Showroom work?

For an affordable, one-time setup fee, Bravo Business Media coordinates and implements your showroom tour for you. After the photographer captures your showroom images, they are uploaded to our software application where we create your unique, interactive showroom. You then have the ability to tag specific products within the showroom tour and link them to your product pages.

Once your virtual tour is complete, we host it on the home page of your Bravo Business Media website where it is highly visible and easy to access. We also provide you with a unique URL link which you can share and promote on social media. Online tracking and reporting enable you to see how many people visit your virtual showroom and how they interact on the tour.

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What are the benefits of an Online 3D Virtual Showroom?

A 3D virtual tour of your showroom sets you apart from the competition because it gives kitchen and bath shoppers a detailed look at your showroom before they visit. It showcases your store’s attractive setting, inviting atmosphere, and abundance of products, which entices them to visit in person.

Bravo Business Media customers with 3D virtual showrooms like Advance Plumbing and Heating Supply, Lightopia, SplashWorks, and many others just like them have seen an increase in brand awareness, in-store traffic, and sales. If you’d like to learn how easy it is to bring your showroom to life on your website, give one of our marketing experts a call today.