Bravo Business Media Suspends Print Publications enLIGHTenment and Contract Lighting

Bravo Business Media, the publishers of enLIGHTenment and Contract Lighting magazines, has announced it is suspending its print editions, with the April 2020 issue its last.

In an announcement made to employees and freelance writers, Ace Rosenstein, President of Bravo Business Media, said the decision to suspend publishing the magazines had been discussed internally, but has been expedited by the coronavirus crisis.

“The coronavirus pandemic has presented an abrupt disruption to advertiser support, content production, and the supply chain, forcing us to accelerate a conversation we’ve been having internally.”

“Over the next few months, the company plans to explore and give consideration to moving to a digital-first publishing schedule for all of our content.  The question of how to transform our print products to better suit what the industry wants today is being vetted during this period of pause.”