At Bravo Business Media, our goal is to transform your business into a local leader that will rival your competition in the online marketplace and bring clients into your showroom. We provide simple and affordable service that helps plumbing showrooms become multi-channel merchants in no time.

Consumers typically purchase plumbing, lighting and decorative hardware within a 25-mile radius of their home or place of business. We place your products online and target the markets your service.

We offer a variety of services that will help businesses to become more effective online and in their showroom.

Online Catalogs

We have the largest manufacturer list available to clients. We can add the plumbing, decorative hardware and lighting manufacturer of your choice to your online catalog with ease. Your online catalog comes with a number of different features:

  • Progressive Tools: Our online store works by taking shopper expectations and preferences into account to develop trust. Valuable impressions are created by the consumers taking in the catalog’s visual product presentation, browsing experience and ease of search.
  • Beautiful Site Designs: Our beautiful site designs make it easy for shoppers to find what they want. This aesthetically pleasing design reinforces the fact that a shopper is in a reliable and professional store.
  • Advanced Search: Retailers and consumers both benefit from our natural language search. It gives retailers every chance to make a sale and shoppers the ability to find a match for their search as the search always provides returns regardless of the request.
  • User Tools: Visitors have great tools such as wish lists, product comparisons, product emailing and social sharing at their disposal.
  • Large Vendor List: You will have the industry’s largest vendor list, featuring all of the most popular brands.


In-Store Selling Tools

By utilizing our online catalog, you will have the in-store selling tools available to help customers find what they are seeking and accelerate the sales process. You can showcase specific products and requests by utilizing large screen monitors, tablets or kiosks seamlessly in your store.

Increased Visibility

We will help you become more visible online with local search engine optimization (SEO) and multi-channel marketing. We will also expand your website by managing all product content and optimizing it for local search.

Turn-Key Solutions

We offer a quick solution by delivering a website that capitalizes on online opportunities. We first select the vendors from the top manufacturers or add your own. Next, we give you the option to choose features such as pricing display and e-commerce. The last step is that you select a design theme that is customized to match your personality and preferences. There is no hardware or software to purchase no maintenance that needs to be done.

We look forward to making a difference for your business. You can learn more about our helpful services by calling 800-425-5139.