Case Studies Visual Comfort

Visual Comfort sales team quickly and easily creates professional-looking presentations with SPEX Builder software.


For more than thirty years, Visual Comfort has been a national manufacturer of decorative lighting products for designers and builders. The company distributes its products through a wide network of independent electrical distributors and retail showrooms.

A key component of Visual Comfort’s business serves the residential construction industry. To showcase its products and sell to this segment, a Visual Comfort representative uses product sales presentations.

“Unfortunately, the system we used to create presentations was showing its age. Additionally, our IT department didn’t know how to update it or make enhancements,” said Beth Miller Dalton, Director of Sales Operations.

“That left us searching for a modern solution to grow our efficiency and professionalize our product presentations.” Visual Comfort needed a new way for its sales representatives to quickly produce customized product sales presentations. That need led the company to Bravo Business Media.


After gaining an understanding of Visual Comfort’s business, Bravo Business Media recommended that it use SPEX Builder, a simple-to-use tool meant to aid buyers in making quick and accurate product decisions. It was SPEX Builder’s core function of assisting businesses like Visual Comfort with creating professional-looking product brochures and quotes that made the tool a good fit.

“SPEX Builder is a great tool to have,” said Beth. “Fortunately, the Bravo Business Media team immediately understood that we needed a bit of customization of the tool–because we operate in the US and Canada, we have different pricing levels for each country. The Bravo team handled that customization requirement with no problem at all.”

In addition to sales representatives using SPEX Builder to provide presentations directly to
customers, the Visual Comfort team uses the too internally to build sales brochures when they are running closeout specials. According to Beth, SPEX Builder serves as a presentation tool that showcases products along with pricing and attractive images.

“Regardless of who is creating the presentations and brochures–our internal team or sales representatives–we always get a highly professional document to share with our customers thanks to SPEX Builder,” said Beth.


Time Saved
Instead of taking a few hours to create a presentation using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, the Visual Comfort team can produce one in SPEX Builder in less than five minutes.

White-Glove Customer Service
In addition to being highly responsive to questions or requests, the Bravo Business Media team made customizations to SPEX Builder to meet Visual Comfort’s unique needs.

Consistent Presentations
Each presentation and brochure created in SPEX Builder promotes Visual Comfort’s brand image and professionalism.

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