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Premier Kitchen & Bath Gallery

Bravo Business Media improves Premier Kitchen & Bath Gallery’s ability to create professional, customized fixture wish lists.


The team at Premier Kitchen & Bath Gallery (Premier), a kitchen and bathroom showroom and design center, has been assisting homeowners with their interior remodeling and new construction projects since its opening in 2017.

“Many people feel overwhelmed with making choices during the shopping process,” said Dee Hall, General Manager at Premier. She explained that homeowners may become frustrated by the overwhelming amount of options and find it hard to select items that meet their true needs. To avoid this scenario, homeowners must be able to readily compare products, such as faucets, in order to select the best one for the job. If a showroom doesn’t have the desired faucet in stock, being able to display photographs and specifications of the faucet can assist the homeowner with making the best decision possible about which faucet they should order.

“To enhance our already exceptional service to Premier’s clients, we spent lots of time online conducting research to find the best-in-class provider of an online wish list catalog system that will help homeowners find exactly what they need,” said Dee. “That search led us to Bravo Business Media.”


Bravo Business Media recommended that Premier use SPEX Builder, a simple-to-use tool meant to aid homeowners in making quick and accurate product decisions. SPEX Builder also assists stores like Premier in creating professional-looking quotes. “SPEX Builder makes our presentations look more organized and professional,” said Dee. “It produces beautiful reports that help DIY homeowners and assists contractors out in the field.”

To better serve customers, the Premier team uses the catalog system to create a personalized wish lists for each client. “Instead of having our clients browse manufacturer websites, we direct them to our website if they want to do the legwork,” said Dee.

“However, the best part is we work in-house with clients to discover their needs and offer suggestions in the form of a personalized wish list or quote. We do all of the work for them. So, it’s important to have a resource like SPEX Builder to help us ensure compatibility of items.”


Improved Professionalism
“Now that we have SPEX Builder, our quotes have cleaner, more professional appearance,” said Dee.

Increased Speed
“No longer must we spend the time combing through supplier catalogs, creating a selection spreadsheets, and then providing a fixture list to homeowners,” said Dee. “Using SPEX Builder has sped up the process of providing fixture wish lists.”

Excellent Customer Service
“The Bravo Business Media team tweaked SPEX Builder so it better fit our needs as our business has changed over the years,” said Dee.

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