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Natural Selections - Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Natural Selections Design Center found the proposal creation tool it needed in Bravo Business Media’s SPEX Builder.


Natural Selections Design Center (Natural Selections) is the premier turnkey interior design company in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and focuses on providing the best of every aspect of the interior remodeling process. In order to do that more successfully, though, the Natural Selections team needed the right tool to help assemble proposals and get them in the hands of customers faster.


“We looked at getting someone to assist our sales staff with creating proposals, but we really didn’t want someone mirroring a salesperson, writing down what the customer wants, then getting back to the customer later,” said Chris Morales, Plumbing and Hardware Showroom Manager at Natural Selections. “Instead, we wanted our salespeople to be able to put as much information in the customer’s hands as possible during the sales process.”

Chris attempted to create proposals in PowerPoint but found that the process was too cumbersome and the proposals didn’t look professional.

He then went in search for a much better tool, one that would help Natural Selections achieve its desired position as “the whole solution” more effectively.


After interviewing Chris and his team to get a better understanding of their needs, Bravo Business Media recommended that the company use its SPEX Builder solution. SPEX Builder is the industry’s most complete and easy-to-use product selection and presentation tool for plumbing showrooms.

Able to seamlessly produce high-quality product selection documents with an array of customization and formatting options, SPEX Builder also includes manufacturer specification sheets. That means there is no need for third-party systems or referencing manufacturer websites—it’s all included in the SPEX Builder tool.

“We no longer have to dig through catalogs and manufacturers’ websites to get product information,” said Chris. “Working with Bravo Business Media has enabled us to show customers the products on our website using our showroom’s big-screen TVs. This feature gives me more control of the sales process because I can price the items on the spot.”

Chris is also pleased with Bravo Business Media’s approach to customer service. “The Bravo Business Media team is a pleasure to work with,” said Chris. “Their friendliness and warmth are refreshing in today’s world where customer service is an afterthought.”


Faster Quoting
“Now, I can create a proposal with a spec sheet in a fraction of the time it used to take me,” said Chris. “It’s just a matter of a few clicks and I’m done.”

Less Overhead
“We didn’t have to hire more staff,” said Chris. “With Bravo Business Media and SPEX Builder, it’s like having an extra person to handle the assembly of proposals”

Professional Proposals
“Not only has Bravo Business Media made my job easier, but it also makes us look more professional when we submit proposals,” said Chris.

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