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DSKB Plumbing + Tile

DSKB Plumbing + Tile streamlines the quoting process with Bravo Business Media’s SPEX Builder and online catalog service.


DSKB Plumbing + Tile (DSKB) has grown over the years to become the premier location for luxury home and plumbing products in Denver, Colorado. Wanting to continue its growth and better serve its customers, DSKB sought a tool that would help streamline its extremely manual quoting process.

“We were actually using Quickbooks to create quotes, and it was very labor intensive since we had to comb through price books and then enter all the product information in Quickbooks,” said Erin Gronquist, Design Consultant at DSKB. “We wanted something that would enable us to build professional looking quotes and complete the quoting process faster.”

Additionally, the company wanted to expand its online shopping portal so that customers could log in, select products, and request quotes. The expectation was that the company could attract more business with such a portal.


DSKB’s owner, Cory Wilcox, met a representative of Bravo Business Media at a Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association conference. He was excited about the possibilities of using a platform like Bravo’s, which had features that would allow him to meet his business objectives. Cory quickly set up a meeting to learn more.


After an in-depth kickoff meeting with DSKB, Bravo Business Media recommended two solutions. The first solution was SPEX Builder, an easy-to-use tool designed for quick product selection and the creation of quotations.

“The quotes that we produced with Quickbooks were bland and unattractive,” said Erin. “With SPEX Builder, we are able to produce quotes that look amazing. Not only are the pages in color, but the quotes also have a table of contents that allows customers to quickly navigate the detailed quote. If they want to see all of the components for remodeling a kitchen’s plumbing, customers can simply click on that room in the table of contents, and they will be taken to the section of the quote that details the necessary products.”

The other solution was Bravo’s online catalog service. To create this service, Bravo built a new website that’s kept up to date with inventory and product information, including images, descriptions, colors and finishes, and pricing.

“We’re getting great feedback on our new website,” said Erin. “One of the best things about it is that the design keeps customers on the website longer and gives them the ability to select fixtures and parts at their convenience without involving us until they’re ready to make a purchase.”


Streamlined Process
“SPEX Builder eliminates so many steps when it comes to building quotes. Really, it’s just point and click, and you’re done,” said Erin. “Now, when we search for a product, SPEX Builder gives us pricing, pictures, and specs. Everything we need is at our fingertips.”

Improved Productivity
“Thanks to Bravo, our team can get more things done during a typical workday since we don’t have to spend so much time generating quotes for customers,” said Erin.

Great Customer Service
“Bravo’s customer service has been awesome,” said Erin. “We experienced a bit of a learning curve with the transition from Quickbooks, but the training we received was extremely helpful. The trainer took time to answer questions and made sure we
understood the platform.”


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