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How We Helped Deluxe Vanity Kitchen and Bath Showroom Track 4,500+ Inquiries During COVID — and Have Their Best Months Yet

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the internet channel isn’t going anywhere. Businesses that do not adapt and put a plan in place to develop business (i.e., that’s sales and inquiries) through the web likely won’t survive.

One kitchen and bath showroom located in Van Nuys, California has been a client of Bravo since 2013, but it wasn’t until Roy and Ben got data-driven and disciplined about a plan to expand their showroom’s online footprint that they began to see “Gold Standard” results coming in on a daily basis.

Despite Deluxe Vanity serving clientele in Los Angeles, one of the most competitive markets in the United States, the way in which they rolled out their showroom marketing and advertising initiatives has been brilliant—and their reporting deliverables show much of the “proof” in the pudding.

Below is the ‘gist’ of what their kitchen and bath showroom did, how they went about it, and a glimpse at their results.


Deluxe Vanity, a kitchen and bathroom showroom, came to Bravo Business Media because they could see things “tightening up” in their space and marketplace. More kitchen and bath competitors were opening decorative showrooms near them, and they knew they had to do something unique and different to stand out from the crowd.

Phase #1 included launching

The company launched their online presence with a “bare-bones” consumer website, detailing business basics: showroom location and directions, hours of operation, services offered, product categories, and brands represented.

Phase #2 included launching the My Plumbing Showroom site with a fully operational eCommerce cart and perfecting how the marketing and sales process communicated through the technologies Bravo provides.

Since day one, the Deluxe Vanity showroom team maximized their wishlist functionality. Today, they use the Spex Builder software component on more projects than ever. The training we have provided has been valuable as well for their growing sales and customer service staff.

Phase #3 included rolling out an internet advertising plan (powered by Bravo’s Showroom Marketing team) targeting web searchers beginning with “bath or kitchen showroom near me,” product categories such as “bathroom vanities”, “farmhouse sinks” or “soaking tubs”, and specific brands such as Toto, California Faucets, and Waterstone.

Being ‘findable’ wasn’t the only best practice Roy and Ben wanted to perfect: tracking all inquiries in a line-item fashion and seeing a return on their investment each month was the top priority!

Here is a look at the 4 Dimensions of “Winning” With Online Search that Deluxe Vanity has employed from the beginning of 2020. #TimingIsEverything


  • “Barebones” website with no products, data, or pricing for customers to pre-shop their showroom visit
  • Limited web traffic with zero performance tracking
  • Low visibility and sub-par rankings on Google in a highly-competitive marketplace
  • An inability to sell kitchen and bath products over the internet
  • Labor intensive and a manual quote process produced a lackluster and uninspiring presentation with incomplete product data
  • English was the only language offered on their website. Deluxe is the preferred provider among various ethnic groups in LA.
  • Determining how to generate and track leads and sales in a systematic way
  • Having little to no confidence about next steps… despite seeing positive results occurring across their online infrastructure


Deluxe Vanity adopted the online catalog platform and SPEX Builder product selection and presentation tool. However, in 2020, they upgraded their subscription to include “blanketing” the first page of Google through more advanced SEO and Google Ads, allowing them to track and log the sources of all inquiries, as well as consulting to course-correct and improve their efforts on a monthly basis with our Marketing team.


  • Fast and easy quotes using SPEX Builder produces beautiful, branded, professional, and complete quotes, improving customer experience and quote volume
  • Professional kitchen and bathroom website design and their full line catalog data and MSRPs, all automatically updated in real time
  • “Call for Price” alert on all website items encourages customers to take action and connect with salespeople, either by phone or in person at the showroom or on their own by purchasing online
  • Increased website traffic from hundreds of visits per month on the “bare bones” site to 7,000-10,000 visitors per month on the new website. They also received over 600 inquiries per month as well as the sources of those inquiries. They also implemented a CRM to track and manage all sales activity.
  • Increase in Google search positioning as well as “blanketing” the first page of Google for hundreds of relevant terms with a high intent to purchase and inquire
  • Offering the site in a multitude of languages expanded their footprint among designers and builders in LA
  • Consistently received over 100 inquiries per month through Google Ads for an approximate average cost of $15 each
  • A breakdown of performance on Yelp, Google My Business, Houzz, and other prominent industry directories
  • Understanding their competitors’ advertising channels

“The website and wishlists, SPEX Builder, and the Showroom Marketing Team at Bravo have turned Deluxe Vanity into a ‘Gold Standard Showroom’ in a matter of months. If you are looking to ramp up results and trim time, give this array of offerings a try… you literally have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain.” – Roy Heskel, Co-Owner and CEO of Deluxe Vanity