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Chariot Plumbing Supply And Design

Bravo Business Media transforms Chariot Plumbing Supply and Design’s online presence by building a professional showroom website


Chariot Plumbing Supply and Design (“Chariot”) was established in 2004 in Salt Lake City. In the beginning, the company’s CEO, Jon Aird, sold sinks out of the back of his car. Over the next decade, Chariot has rapidly grown into one of the largest distributors in Utah, reaching customers across the United States and Canada.

Through all of its growth, one thing has remained: the desire to provide customers with a completely unique experience that’s 100 percent tailored to them.


Throughout nearly all of its history, Chariot relied upon a store hosted by Shopify. “It wasn’t the greatest idea to have a Shopify store, but that’s all we had,” said Patience Whipple, Director of Marketing. “We managed the site ourselves, and it was quite a struggle.”

Not having a professional showroom website meant that Chariot had difficulties establishing an online presence, which hampered the company’s ability to grow.


“Then, Bravo reached out to us about doing a brochure,” said Patience. “I looked deeper into Bravo’s services and found that it also handled websites. I got excited when I found out that the Bravo team works with the same kitchen and bath vendors as we do. It seemed as though working with them would be seamless. I was right.”

Bravo Business Media built a showroom website for Chariot designed to help the distributor increase productivity, improve customer experience, and gain a competitive advantage. The integrated SPEX Builder tools in a single easy-to-use system enable customer presentations and quoting efficiencies that rival other market solutions.

“Perhaps the best part of the Bravo team’s service is that they keep the website up to date with inventory supplied by our vendors,” said Patience. “When customers visit our site, they can search through thousands of items until they find exactly what they are looking for. Then, they can add their chosen items to a wishlist. From there, we assign the wishlist to one of our sales representatives, who will then take care of the customer’s needs. It’s a wonderful system.”

Unlike most kitchen and bath outlets, Chariot has a custom sink line, and Bravo updates the website with the sink line’s latest information as well. “All we have to do is gather the information and specs about our sink line and send it to the Bravo team,” said Patience. “They’ll have the entire line posted to the website within 24 hours. We never have to deal with the website’s backend. It’s amazing. Working with Bravo has been awesome.”

Additionally, Chariot works with Bravo’s showroom marketing team. “Bravo takes care of our SEO and Google Analytics to make sure we get found online by customers,” said Patience. “Our goal now is to blanket the first page of Google when someone does a local search, and Bravo is doing a wonderful job with that.”


Surging Website Traffic
“Back when we had our Shopify website, we had little to no visitors,” said Patience. “Now, we are getting thousands of visitors each month.”

Increased Leads
“We started our marketing optimization plan less than a month ago, and we’ve received forty-five calls just from our website,” said Patience. “That’s huge for us.”

Satisfied Salesforce
Chariot’s salesforce loves the new website because they no longer have to go to multiple vendor sites for information. Everything they need to build a spec sheet is all in one place.