5 Kitchen Marketing Tips to Promote Your Showroom

Rising costs and inflation may be tempering spending in our country, but the current economic state isn’t having much effect on the kitchen and bath industry. In their 2022 Kitchen & Bath Market Outlook report, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) projects that residential kitchen and bath construction and remodeling is on track to see a 19% year-over-year increase in spending – from $167 billion to $199 billion. Full-year industry revenue is also expected to reach a historic $199 billion. NKBA adds that while higher prices are driving some homeowners to do projects themselves, 85% of remodels will still require professional involvement.

What makes a successful kitchen and bath showroom

Decorative plumbing buyers are out there, which means now is the time to show them you’re here to help. So how do you get the attention of prospective customers and steer them to your kitchen showroom? We have five marketing tips that not only help promote your showroom, they also strengthen your brand and extend your geographic reach.

Tip #1: Provide an online showroom that complements your physical kitchen showroom

Most shoppers prefer to do their own research and browse products before heading to a kitchen showroom. A full-featured website gives them that opportunity. Bravo Business Media’s platform showcases your company and products, and guides customers through the shopping experience which includes scheduling a showroom consultation with one of your associates.

Bravo provides you with a custom-branded website that features attractive images, dynamic menus, and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for people to browse your products and find exactly what they want. It serves to inspire buyers by exposing them to supplemental products and accessories they may not have considered. Your website also functions as a valuable sales tool, enabling associates to create customer profiles, build tailor-made projects, assemble quotes, and fine-tune bids. While assisting customers in store, staff can navigate your site quickly to find products, show color and finish options, view schematics, and provide pricing and availability.

Together, your online and physical kitchen showrooms create a harmonious customer experience with consistent information, personalization, and customer support at every stage of their buying journey.

Tip #2: Offer digital tools that enable buyers to build their dream kitchen

Impress your customers with value-added services they can’t get with other kitchen showrooms. Our SPEX Builder tool gives them the creativity and control to build their dream kitchen project from the convenience of their home. Available as a standalone tool or integrated with Bravo Business Media’s website platform, SPEX Builder enables buyers to browse your online catalog and create an item wish list for their kitchen project. Their wish list can then be reviewed remotely by a sales associate, who can check product compatibility, availability, and add comments or suggestions to send back to the buyer via the tool. Once the final product selections are made, your staff can design and deliver a polished quote and detailed presentation catalog in minutes, complete with your logo, contact information, and value proposition.

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SPEX Builder gives customers the ability to shop on their own with personalized support when they need it. It’s the most efficient, personalized way to bring your customers’ dream kitchens to life.

Tip #3: Become a trusted and valuable resource for buyers

Don’t just sell decorative plumbing products, make yourself the unequivocal authority and preferred kitchen plumbing showroom for buyers. How? By providing all the resources and service offerings they need at every touchpoint of their customer journey. Here are ways to become a trusted and reliable resource for shoppers:

On your kitchen showroom website:

  • Present enriched and accurate product data, including colorful product images, specifications, features and benefits, pricing, and supplemental documents
  • Share inspiration galleries to open site visitors up to new products and designs
  • Create a 3D virtual showroom where they can view the layout and expanse of your physical store
  • Include customer testimonials and reviews
  • Display calls to action clearly and consistently across site pages where they can click a button to chat, call, or schedule a design consultation with you

Bravo’s website platform and partner technology offer all the above capabilities and features – plus an optional eCommerce module – to help make your site a one-stop shop for buyers to browse, learn, create, and connect with your business.

In your brick-and-mortar kitchen showroom:

  • Create a sensory-rich environment with plenty of opportunities to touch and handle products
  • Use kiosks and tablets to access your product catalog, find information, and build customer wish lists
  • Showcase new technology with hands-on demonstrations
  • Create a relaxing, enjoyable environment that encourages shoppers to take their time
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Product expertise, professionalism, and ambiance play a huge role in attracting people to your showroom and developing strong customer relationships.

Tip #4: Create a local selling advantage

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies help your business rank high in search results and attract the attention of more buyers. According to BrightEdge Research, 53% of all website traffic is sourced from organic searches. The digital commerce experts at Bravo Business Media employ a number of SEO tactics to make sure your site and your business are easy to find highly ranked. From on-page links and custom keywords to detailed product information and store location maps, Bravo helps position your business in organic web searches to attract more online visitors as well as drive local kitchen showroom traffic.

At Bravo Business Media, we have a network of preferred service partners that are experts within the industry and our platforms to give your kitchen showrooms greater exposure and market share.

Tip #5: Build a strong social media presence

An easy and low-cost way to promote your business and products is with social media. Your customers – both consumer and pro – use social media daily to get news, read reviews, and interact with others. Statista says more than 70% of the U.S. population has a social media account and, by 2025, they predict the number of social network users in the U.S. will reach 323 million.

To attract and connect with more people, build a presence on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Regularly post interesting content with images, videos, and links back to your site and product pages. Use social media to showcase products and new technology, share company news, and promote your staff as product experts. For the best exposure, post one to two posts a day on each social platform. Create a content calendar to plan out your topics and cadence, and utilize a social media management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule and publish your posts.

Don’t miss out on the influx of kitchen remodelers and builders this year. With a multi-channel sales strategy and help from Bravo Business Media, you can attract more people to your kitchen showrooms, better promote your products, and provide a stellar customer experience.